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About Us

We Have a Long Family History of Dangerous Tree Removal

Our roots as tree specialists date back to World War II, when our owner's father served in the military as an arborist, clearing branches and downing trees for the Allies. When he returned home, he continued this work and helped give birth to our owner, Chris LaFountain. Trained by his father, Chris began climbing and cutting trees at the tender age of seven and has not stopped since. Chris started his professional career as a teen when he purchased his first chainsaw from a garage sale. He paid for it by shimming up a tree and taking down a dangerous branch for the owner. And with that, LaFountain Tree Specialists was born.

Chris LaFountain

We Are Oakland County's Leading Tree Specialists Because of Our Dedication to Our Work and Clients

The tree specialists at our family-owned and operated tree trimming and removal company are well trained and tight-knit. It is one reason we can conduct the dangerous work we do so well. When you have each other's backs, focused on communication and safety, it's easier to take on the jobs that other companies will not. We pass this same loyalty to our customers, always striving for 100% honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction.

Our crews and our equipment are the best in Oakland County. We are proud to aid residents and business owners in emergencies and educate and improve their properties through our ongoing tree maintenance services. If you require tree services of any kind, you cannot do better than the experts at LaFountian Tree Specialists.