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Storm Damage Contractors That Go the Extra Mile for Oakland and Macomb County Residents

When a storm has downed or damaged a tree on your property, you need to safely and quickly take action. We are a tree removal company that understands the true meaning of the word emergency. As Oakland and Macomb Counties' most-trusted and most-responsive storm damage contractor, we rush to help you manage the destruction Michigan storms cause. Our team has a lifetime of experience providing emergency tree services, allowing us to tackle jobs other tree removal companies can't or won't do. We work with your insurance and guarantee your satisfaction 100%.

Broken tree branches

Storm Damage Tree Removal

Broken branches and damaged limbs are hazards that need to be addressed quickly and professionally. Our storm damage contractors are tree service professionals and know exactly how to assess your situation, remove dangerous branches, and leave your property looking great. Michigan storms don't run on a schedule, so our tree services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are here for you in your time of need. 

Tree Trimming and Branch Removal

Tree Trimming and Branch Removal

Do you have a branch that has been inching closer and closer to your home or garage? Don't take a gamble. If your home or business is in danger, don't let Mother Nature decide for you. Our tree trimming and branch removal specialists can safely and effectively remove any precarious limbs before they can cause damage or injury. As expert arborists, we will leave your trees in a healthier state, allowing you to rest easy and enjoy your property for years to come.

Protect and beautify your property
Wood Chipping

Lot Clearing and Wood Chipping

Our lot clearing services allow you to reclaim your property and enjoy more of your land. Our team has the equipment and the experience to remove unwanted trees and vegetation, no matter the size. We provide onsite wood chipping of your trees and vegetation, allowing you to lay down a wonderful-looking bed in your new open space. We take extra steps to ensure that when we leave, your property will be cleaner and more livable.

Reclaim and enjoy your property
Maintaining a Tree

Tree Service Maintenance Programs

Keeping your property healthy, tidy, and safe requires a team of specialists that can do the work while planning for the future. Our tree care arborists are experts in tree and vegetation management. We understand what your property needs to stay lush and healthy year-round. We invest ourselves in the work that we do, and it's why we offer our tree service maintenance programs to help Oakland and Macomb County property owners sit back and enjoy their views. You are in good hands when LaFountain Tree Specialists are looking after your property.

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