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Lot Clearing and Woodchipping

Land Clearing Services in Oakland Charter Township and Oakland County

Want to take back your land from Mother Nature and enjoy more of your property? Looking to expand your home's footprint but trees and vegetation have other plans. LaFountian Tree Specialists don't just do our work up in the air. We are a land clearing company as well. Our lot clearing services are able to tackle any sized job, restore your property to a livable and enjoyable state, and leave it in a healthier condition.

If you want to expand the livable area on your land, call us today for a free onsite estimate.

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Clearing Fallen Trees

Our Lot Clearing Services Are Fast, Effective, and Environmentally Friendly

We have some of the best and largest privately-owned vegetation processing equipment in Oakland County, from our stump grinders to our woodchippers. Our equipment and our team's expertise allow us to restore your property and make it more beautiful quickly. We follow the practice of treating your land as our own and provide a complete clean-up of our work area. We guarantee your satisfaction 100% and will work hard to see that you are happy with every aspect of your new property.


Woodchiping: An Extra Benefit From Having Your Lot Cleared

Large-scale lot clearing services produce a lot of woodchips. While some of our clients want vegetation removed from their property, others want to reap the benefits of this valuable second-hand organic product. After clearing your lot, our land clearing experts can place woodchips in any location you wish. Want to maintain a surplus of mulch for the garden? We can do that. Want to cover your freshly cleared land with a bed? We can do that too. We also sell and deliver woodchips from previous jobs and have an ample supply on hand throughout the season.