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Tree Trimming, Tree Removal & Branch Removal

Tree Trimming Services Help You Keep Your Property Safe and Beautiful in Oakland County

Oakland County is known for its fantastic tree lines. It is one of the great things that sets our community apart from the rest of Metro Detroit. Keeping our properties beautiful and safe requires expert care from trained arborists that understand the native trees in our area. LaFountain Tree Specialists are just the tree trimming, tree removal, and branch removal team you are looking for when your property needs some TLC.

If you have a dangerous-looking limb or have recently experienced a bad storm, give us a call for a free onsite consultation.

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Proper Property Care Begins With Understanding How Your Trees Grow and Interact With Your Environment

Tree trimming is much more than simply cutting down unsightly branches. When we assess any client's land, we look at the entire property to identify any unseen damage to your trees, diseases, or pests and how wind flow occurs. We are looking for stress fractures from previous storms to identify future threats to your home or business. Has an infestation weakened the structure of a branch? Has a lack of tree maintenance created a "living sail" in your backyard? Our tree trimming specialists know precisely how to remove these dangers while keeping your property beautiful for years to come.

Tree removal and planting

Tree Removal and Planting

Sometimes a storm or infestation renders a tree unsavable. When this happens, it is critical that you remove the dead or dying tree quickly before it can cause damage to your property. As Oakland County's leading experts in commercial and residential tree removal, we can handle the jobs that others can. We have some of the most extensive equipment available in the county to handle the big jobs quickly, safely, and efficiently. We will altogether remove any dangerous tree from your property, if you wish, help you in the selection and planting of a new tree to take its place. After removing trees for so long, we understand what clients are looking for in their properties and help you make the right decision to leave your home looking beautiful.

Tree Trimming Maintenance

Stay Ahead of Dangerous Storms With Regular Tree Trimming Maintenance

Keeping up with regular maintenance to your property trees can mean the difference between an intact roof or not. We recommend that you have your residential or commercial property assessed every two to three years to identify and deal with dangerous trees and branches. Regular tree maintenance can also help to remove conditions that cause broken limbs. Regular tree maintenance can help thin your canopy, reducing "wind sails," allowing powerful gusts to pass through your property safely. If it has been several years since you have last had your trees maintained and assessed, contact us today for a free consultation. We can help you understand your problem areas and your options to correct them.

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